Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Where is Book 2 (Burn) of the Mistfall series?

It's quite simple really. Over the summer, my family packed up and moved. We moved to a new state and I did get some writing in while I was job hunting. Then, I got hired on at my new job and haven't had much time for writing. It stinks!

The book is half done in its rough draft. I have four or five chapters ready to be typed. I know the very last line in the book and how the other half of it goes. I know who's going to be killed off and who survives the cliffhanger at the end!

I'm truly sorry about the delay (bad, bad author!). Thank you to those of you who are waiting patiently and not giving up. I promise, good things are a coming.



  1. mistfall was so good its been a long long wait for book 2...please don't give up on it

  2. waiting impatiently .... but will wait just the same! If you need any proof readers hit me up! I'll still buy the books - I MUST re-read over and over and over again!!!! This series is bound to become a favorite of mine!