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Interview with Award Winning Author, Lennie Ross

Lennie Ross, who has written professionally in just about every form there is, has published her debut novel, Blow Me. Don't quit reading, we're not talking erotica here. This award winning book is something women of all ages can relate to.

Blow Me is a Sex in the City type of novel, centering on three women close to forty. Life has its ups, its downs, and its heaping dollop of melodrama and Skylar, Dawn and Chloe sure know it. Trying to achieve their dreams of the perfect life that the magazines of their youth tried to sell them, their lives are in chaos and they're  looking for a glimmer of that dream while trying to organize the mess of their reality.

So, the reason you're here...ten questions with Lennie Ross:

You've been a writer for quite some time through print, screenplays, television, etc. Was it a natural progression for you to write a book?

I guess it was inevitable that I would write a novel. I actually started by writing a novel when I was about 18. I was bored with school, convinced my mother I needed a computer, and began the great American novel. So, this is actually my second novel, though the first remains unpublished and packed away in a box somewhere.

Which form of writing do you prefer?

To me writing is writing. It’s all wonderfully difficult. If I could be anything when I grow up I would choose screenwriter. It just sounds the most glamorous, even though nothing about writing is glamorous.

How does it feel to win an award on your first foray into authoring a book?

I was thrilled (and shocked) that I won an award. I’ve always known that I am a good writer, but it’s really special when someone acknowledges that. I think that’s what all artists struggle for—acknowledgement.

You sure are one busy woman! Do you have time to procrastinate? If so, what is your favorite way to avoid writing?

Every writer has time to procrastinate. It’s part of the creative process. For years I dated a very accomplished writer (who will remain anonymous). He would sit at his computer 5-6 hours a day, but he spent half that time on the phone, checking email or surfing the web. We all procrastinate. For me, I make a lot of tea and stop to play with my cats. I also check my email too often.

Where did you get the idea for your book?

The idea for my book came from years of living in Los Angeles and witnessing and experiencing the bizarre male/female relationship dynamic in this city. People always assume the book is about me and they try to figure out which character I am. Actually, the characters are a lovely blend of various women I have encountered throughout my 15 years in Los Angeles. It’s kind of a satire on Hollywood life.

What can we expect to see from you in the future? (Books, movies, t.v. shows...)

I have been tossing a few TV ideas out into the universe, but it’s really difficult to make them stick. And from what I hear, that’s the hardest form of writing there is, so I’m not sure if I’m a glutton for punishment or just ridiculously na├»ve. I’m also working on another novel, and have two more up my sleeve. It’s a matter of finding time. Time costs money, and since I’m not a famous writer (yet), I still have a day job that gets in the way of the creative process.

What sets your book apart form others in your genre?

Wow, good question, but difficult to answer. Without boasting, I’d have to say my writing style is more sophisticated. I recently finished what I will just call “the most popular chick lit book on the market” right now, and I was bored by not only the subject matter, but the simplistic sentence structure. Granted the characters were young in age, but the writer is close to my age, and that just makes me scratch my head. My novel is also quite humorous. I find other chick lit can be smart, or clever, but rarely does one laugh out loud when reading chick lit, and I’ve actually witnessed that with my novel. There is nothing more fun than watching the expression on someone’s face while they read my work. I love that!

Who are your literary inspirations?

I love so many writers. One of my favorites from long ago who inspired me to write long format is Pamela Houston. I’m also a big fan of Emily Giffin.

You have a definitive no-nonsense attitude when it comes to relationships. Where does that come from? (Nature vs. Nurture)

I’d say my “no-nonsense” attitude is not “nature”. Like most women, I was raised in such a way that I had very low self-esteem and let men walk all over me. It’s my “nurture”… my life experiences that finally pumped up the self-esteem quotient. I guess with age comes confidence and knowing definitively what works and what doesn’t. I don’t see a reason to waste time in the wrong relationship. I’ve done enough of that for a lifetime.

What do you do when you're not writing.

I think about writing. I long to write. I’m so busy making a living juggling so many things that I always wish I had more time to write. What I should be doing is buying lottery tickets. A quicker way to success than writing, and would definitely afford me more time to write. Maybe I’ll win the marriage lottery one day and wind up with my own Prince Charming to take care of the “details” of life, so I can concentrate on aging gracefully in front of my computer.

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